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Project Time Management (PTM)


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32 Hours






What you'll learn:

Project management skills are highly desirable across professions and through an examination of various scheduling approaches, illustrated by case studies and best practices, you will learn techniques in successfully scheduling projects. Through this program, learn the significant role that scheduling plays within the broader project life cycle and the influencing factors—such as resource availability, organizational culture, and project dimensions—that must be taken into account through the scheduling process. This program will help learners in refining problem-solving skills while practicing techniques on defining and sequencing project activities, estimating activity durations, assessing resource requirements, setting standard milestones, and implementing scheduling control.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, learners will have demonstrated their ability to:

  • Define and categorize key concepts and approaches in project schedule management
  • Identify the significance of schedule management within the broader project life cycle
  • Diagram project activity sequences and determine dependencies
  • Estimate activity durations and assess resource requirements
  • Calculate the critical path of a project
  • Analyze case studies and existing schedules to identify problems, issues, and risks
  • Create a project schedule utilizing multiple project management tools and techniques
  • Identify leadership competencies in effective project schedule management
  • Evaluate and reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses in project schedule management and develop a plan for continuous improvement

What you'll do:

This program is divided into 6 courses that are designed around a particular theme. Each course is accompanied by related assignments and quizzes that are intended to test you on the content of the readings and any additional course material. The quizzes are a combination of multiple-choice and true/false.

  1. Introduction to Project Schedule Management
  2. Defining Project Activities and Tasks
  3. Sequencing Project Activities
  4. Estimating Activity Durations
  5. Developing the Schedule
  6. Monitoring and Controlling the Schedule

Who this course is designed for:

This course is for anyone interested in learning about Project Schedule Management


Meet the instructor

Denise Bates - Professor

Denise E. Bates holds a Master’s Certification in Project Management and is Assistant Professor of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. She studies leadership in indigenous communities, emphasizing intergenerational mentorship, project implementation, and community development.