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Executive Certificate Overview

When your work goes global, you need a well-rounded skill set to lead the way in new and challenging environments as the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds. Working in the global marketplace brings exciting new opportunities and challenges. New experiences in new places are both stimulating and a bit disorienting. The leadership and entrepreneurship skills provided through Thunderbird’s online executive certificate program will empower you with an understanding of what to focus on so that you can lead your organization in achieving its goals.

Thunderbird’s Executive Certificate in Global Leadership and Management Essentials provides advanced learning that empowers you with broadened and bolstered management, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills—elevating your career potential. The Executive Certificate in Global Leadership and Management is awarded to those who complete three courses on cross-cultural communications, managing conflict with a global mindset, and a leadership elective centered on global finance, managing new technologies, or disruptive innovation.

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What topics will be covered


  • Understand the multicultural business environment and your own cultural orientation
  • Learn conflict management techniques and how to identify global mindsets in negotiation
  • Understand your global mindset deficiencies in the context of dispute resolution
  • Examine how global diversity and inclusion bring advantages to a company and understand their impacts on an integrated and global workforce
  • Identify how to best match your conflict management style with the situation and cultural levels while understanding trigger points in alternative dispute resolution
  • Learn the role and impact of mediation in conflict management both as a participant and as a mediator



Professor Denis Leclerc

Denis Leclerc teaches cross-cultural communication and global negotiations at Thunderbird School of Global Management. His interests and research have focused on intercultural communication competence and global negotiation. He teaches in multiple programs such as on-campus MBA, Executive MBA, customized programs such as Thunderbird International Consortia, and multiple oil and gas executive programs. He also serves as the academic director for multiple custom programs such as Raytheon, Novartis and Medtronic, and open-enrollment programs such as Communicating and Negotiating with a Global Mindset and Leading Teams for Strategic Results. Before joining Thunderbird, Leclerc taught at Arizona State University and served for eight years as director of multiple international studies abroad programs there. He directed and served on numerous masters and doctoral degree committees in the U.S. and Europe. He was co-program evaluator for a National Science Foundation three-year grant examining the cultural adaptation of U.S. scientists working in scientific laboratories abroad. This research project was instrumental in guiding the foundation to redesign program components to include cross-cultural training for their international assignments.

Professor Karen Walch

Dr. Karen S. Walch, is an Emeritus faculty member of Thunderbird School of Global Management, an executive educator, and a coach who specializes in social interaction skills of negotiation, collaboration, influence, and inclusion. Her facilitation and coaching are focused on developing leadership behaviors for maximum personal and organizational impact in a dynamic and disruptive global economy.

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