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Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Executive Certificate


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Full program description

Self-Paced 80 Hours Certificate $1,500


Executive Certificate Overview

AI is becoming the “everything technology”, and thanks to a 2020 breakthrough, progress in the field is accelerating dramatically. It’s no exaggeration to say that understanding AI, and being able to anticipate what capabilities future AI systems may have in the near-term is essential, whether you’re concerned abou t national security and defense, business strategy, or even your own job security.

The Thunderbird Foundations of AI program, offered in partnership with Gladstone AI, gives you a no-math, no-code introduction to the new era of AI that’s brought us tools like Chat GPT, Bing Chat, and Stable Diffusion. The program faculty are world-leading experts in technical AI safety and AI policy, collaborate with researchers at the world’s top AI labs, and have briefed senior members of U.S. and Canadian cabinet on AI risk, and train senior U.S. defense and national security officials in AI.

By earning a Thunderbird Executive Certificate in the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, you’ll gain a “gears-level” understanding of AI thanks to battle-tested, math-free explanations that leave you thinking about AI like an engineer. You’ll learn about the trends behind cutting-edge AI research, their strategic implications for businesses, governments, and militaries, and some of the opportunities and risks that are rapidly emerging from what is poised to become the most important technology of the 21st century. And you’ll learn principles that can empower organizations to successfully navigate the new era of AI.

The Executive Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intel ligence is awarded to those who complete the Foundations of AI course.


What topics will be covered

  • Define the fundamentals of AI.
  • Describe opportunities and new applications of AI.
  • Identify malicious and adversarial uses of AI. 
  • Examine AI accidents and alignment risks.
  • Recognize solutions, opportunities, and AI risk mitigation strategies. 







  • Mark Beall
  • Edouard Harris
  • Jeremie Harris


Questions & Other Information 

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