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From Classic AI to Neural Networks


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Course Overview

In this module, we’ll complete our discussion of decision trees, and conclude our exploration of the era of AI 1.0. Then, we’ll dive into neural networks, a new kind of AI model that’s based on the structure of the human brain. We’ll see how neural networks work, how they relate to the human brain, why they kicked off the AI 2.0 era, and how they’re being applied today by companies like Netflix and OpenDoor.


What topics will be covered

  • Recognize what terms like “AI bias” and “AI fairness” mean.
  • Explain how a simple model called “linear regression” seeded a revolution in AI.
  • Identify what neural networks are and how they work.
  • Compare how deep learning relates to neural networks.







  • Mark Beall
  • Edouard Harris
  • Jeremie Harris


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