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Datasets and Algorithms


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Course Overview

We’ll explore datasets and algorithms–the fundamental building blocks of AI systems. We’ll look at what models and algorithms are, as well as what types of data exist. Finally, we will spend time learning about the different machine learning tasks that we normally see in industry and research. By the end of this module, you’ll have a solid understanding of what data is, and you’ll know how two of the world’s most popular AI algorithms work, from the ground up!


What topics will be covered

  • Identify what an “AI model” is.
  • Describe what “data” is, and how models can learn from it to develop useful capabilities.
  • Recognize some basic types of AI models (including decision trees and K-nearest neighbors).
  • Explain how simple AI models can be applied in industry to solve real-world problems.








  • Mark Beall
  • Edouard Harris
  • Jeremie Harris


Questions & Other Information 

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