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Microsoft PowerPoint, Part 2


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PowerPoint training 2

In this second of two PowerPoint trainings, learn to use photos, videos and graphics to illustrate an idea in your presentation. Ever heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Using photos and other graphic elements within your presentation is not only stimulating and engaging for your audience, it can convey more to your viewers in a shorter amount of time than a whole slide of text. Some use cases for photos or videos in your presentation include;

  1. Illustrating a complex process that instructs your audience
  2. A visual introduction of members of your team or family
  3. Showing your boss a testimonial of a happy client

By learning how to use the video and imagery tools of PowerPoint you’ll show off your advanced presentation skills and better leverage this robust presentation application. In this training, you will create a stimulating presentation from scratch. The self-paced lessons from this PowerPoint training help you learn at your pace to create new slides with video and image content.

What you'll learn in this Microsoft PowerPoint class?

In this PowerPoint training, start with a blank presentation, and fill your slides with video and images in a meaningful and engaging way. The lessons of this training include:

  • Create and save a new presentation; Open PowerPoint and create new slides and save your presentation somewhere within your computer that you can easily find later.
  • Add images and clip art; Add custom imagery, clip art from PowerPoint and even create graphs or charts with your data in your slideshow.
  • Create and insert SmartArt; SmartArt is a dynamic type of graphic that you will often see in PowerPoint slides in order to convey complex precesses or ideas. Learn about the different types of SmartArt and how to use it to convey your ideas in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Add videos; Learn a few different means to add video content to your presentation.
  • Arrange objects; Learn to layout different elements of your PowerPoint in your slides to best draw attention to the primary components of your presentation.

Who this PowerPoint class is for:

This training is ideal for PowerPoint novices, or anyone who has yet to master the complex graphic, photo and video component of Microsoft PowerPoint. If you’re seeking to master a presentation program in order to communicate your ideas, this foundational training will be a perfect start for you!

What you'll earn in this PowerPoint class:

When you complete the Microsoft PowerPoint class, you will not only receive skills to add visual and video elements to your presentation, you will also receive a certificate of completion for your PowerPoint tutorial.


Meet the instructor

Jennifer Chandler, PhD

Jennifer L. S. Chandler, Ph.D. teaches organizational leadership courses and researches organizational leadership practices among scientist and engineering teams who are tackling global sustainability challenges. She has also led projects, taught project management, trained project managers, and evaluated Project Management Programs for over 20 years working with international corporations, U. S. federal agencies, and U. S. national professional associations.