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Microsoft PowerPoint, Part 1


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PowerPoint tutorial for beginners

Learning to use Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most helpful and versatile workplace skills you can acquire. In this self-paced Microsoft PowerPoint tutorial, you can learn the foundational skills needed to create an engaging and professional presentation using the powerful Microsoft tool, PowerPoint. If you’re seeking to share your insights, such as graphics, reports, data or even memories in a meaningful way, creating a presentation deck that communicates your thoughts is essential. Leverage the graphics, animation and text tools of the industry standard presentation program, Microsoft PowerPoint, to make your insights resonate with your team and colleagues.

In this beginner’s Microsoft PowerPoint training, learn how to format the different pages, or slides, of your PowerPoint presentation. Learn to add slides and move text and other content within a slide. You’ll be working with pre-existing slide materials, so you will be able to focus on mastering the tools within PowerPoint, rather than content generation for this online training.

What you'll learn in this Microsoft PowerPoint training:

  • Edit an existing presentation; learn to open a PowerPoint file, and navigate to various pages or slides of the presentation to view content and locate text you wish to change.
  • Add, delete, and move slides; learn to organize slides to make your presentation flow in a logical sequence for your audience.
  • Insert text boxes; text boxes within PowerPoint allow you to write on slides and to organize your text in a pleasing and legible format.
  • Add header and footer to slides; add text to the top or bottom of each slide, such as a title or page number, to help you and others navigate your presentation, and to brand your presentation so others understand the subject matter and context.
  • Change the theme on a presentation; PowerPoint themes alter the style of your presentation, from shapes on your slides, to text font, to the color of the slides and content. Pick a preexisting theme that is most appropriate for your use to stylize your presentation!
  • Change slide transition effects; transition effects in PowerPoint can animate your text or shift from slide to slide. These transitions can be professional and pleasing to your audience.

Who this PowerPoint training is for:

This training is ideal for PowerPoint beginners, or anyone who has yet to master the current version of Microsoft PowerPoint. If you’re seeking to master a presentation program in order to communicate your ideas, this foundational training will be a perfect start for you!

What you'll earn in this PowerPoint training:

When you complete the Microsoft PowerPoint class, you will not only receive skills that will help you to create nearly any kind of presentation, you will also receive a certificate of completion for your PowerPoint tutorial.


Meet the instructor

Dr. Mai P. Trinh

Dr. Mai P. Trinh joined Arizona State University as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts in August 2016. She is an expert in leadership development, group dynamics, experiential learning, complex dynamic systems, and adaptability.