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Branding: Positioning Product/Service - Alumni


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2 Hours





This course is available to ASU Alumni at a discount.

What you'll learn:

Brands are powerful. When you explain why a brand is your favorite, you probably identify some of the traits or features of its products or services that explain rationally what makes it better than others. But rational explanations are just part of the story. Strong brands are powerful because they also tap into emotions. They make you feel a certain way, and that feeling is hard for any other brand to replicate—let alone replace.

This course explores how brands create a sometimes-unexplainable connection with its customers and keeps them loyal.

Note: This course is not facilitated by an instructor, therefore no one is monitoring activity in the course. If you have a question or need help as you progress, please refer to the help section within the course.

Learning Topics:

  1. Elements of Brand
  2. Brand Equity
  3. Branding Positioning and Alignment
  4. Name Selection
  5. Packing
  6. Brand Development Strategies

Who this course is designed for:

Anyone in business or marketing who wants to understand ways to connect with consumers that go beyond what product you sell them. You’ll learn how to draw unbreakable emotional connections with customers.

What you'll receive:

A Certificate of Completion

Meet the instructor

Michael Rubinoff , PhD

"Dr. Michael Rubinoff is a former deputy assistant secretary for Trade Adjustment Assistance in the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. He administered a federal grant program that provided assistance to companies harmed by unfair trade practices. This included oversight over ten regional offices along with three major industry outreach officers in Japan.