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Data Visualization and Representation is a Course

Data Visualization and Representation


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11 hours






What you'll learn:

In Data Visualization and Representation, learn how to visualize data using Tableau. First by learning the Tableau interface and becoming familiar with the importance of data visualization in a business setting. Then, learners will gain practice building many types of visualizations using different datasets. Finally, learn how to combine multiple visualizations into a single dashboard, adding interactive features and instructive text so that business stakeholders can access the information needed to make decisions.

What you'll do:

This course features interactive videos to help learners understand both the analytical concepts and the software. This course contains a capstone project, in which learners will apply the concepts taught using a separate data source; this realistic project gives learners the practice and confidence necessary to connect, explore, and analyze data sources into the future.

What you'll receive:

A certificate of completion and digital badge