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CPE Course Development Toolkit is a Course

CPE Course Development Toolkit



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3 Hours





Please Note: This Toolkit course is designed for and accessible by ASU CPE-affiliated stakeholders/partners only. If you are not affiliated, you may be removed from the course.

What you'll learn:

The CPE Self-Directed Course Development Toolkit (CDT) was designed to help you become acquainted with Canvas (the learning management system used for CPE course development), and Panopto (the media server that is integrated within Canvas). You are strongly encouraged to go through each item in the CDT in order to learn how to build a CPE course. The CDT is set up as a short course in which you are the self-paced learner who will read all the content and complete the required activities. Below is a suggested pacing guide for you to reference as you complete the course and a Table of Contents listing the items in the course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Highlight the elements of building a CPE online course.
  • Identify content and an organizational structure for a CPE online course.
  • Navigate an online course in Canvas.
  • Examine elements of the CPE Course Template.
  • Recognize content editor tools in Canvas.
  • Consider media resources and visualize their use in a CPE online course.
  • Review the necessary steps for ensuring quality in a CPE online course.
  • Apply skills learned in building a CPE online course.

Who is this course designed for:

ASU Faculty and Staff

Meet the instructors

Athena Kennedy, PhD

Athena Kennedy earned a B.A. in Communication and a B.A. in Spanish, an M.A. in Communication, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration with a distance education focus at the University of Wyoming. Her passion for Instructional design, technology and teaching, learning, and digital education is exemplified in her professional experience as a manager of instructional design, an instructional designer, and online instructor.

Athena currently serves as the Manager of Instructional Design for Continuing and Professional Education and Online Facilitation, and is a Faculty Associate, at Arizona State University EdPlus, where she leads an instructional design team and is an instructional design liaison for the international PLuS Alliance. Additionally, she is the Academic Integrity Officer for EdPLus and she assists in improving quality in online courses. She is an adjunct online instructor in Technical Communication at ASU Online. She has served as a project director, instructional technologist, researcher, instructor, and student services professional in higher education for over a decade at universities including the University of Wyoming, California State University San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus, Colorado State University Fort Collins, and Arizona State University. She has taught college courses in technical writing and digital media, communication, marketing, instructional design and higher education, GRE test preparation, the first-year experience for college students, and indoor cycling. Additionally, Athena has worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and United Chemicals of Belgium (UCB).

Della Gerometta

Della Gerometta is an Instructional Design Specialist at EdPlus at ASU. Della has more than a decade of experience in instructional design and content development and delivery in both higher education and the private sector. Prior to entering the realm of Instructional Design, she taught high school English in Florida, and taught all subjects and basic skills at a school for at-risk youth grades 6-12. She also developed educational content for a children’s website. She has a passion for learning, education, and quality.

Della earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a minor in Spanish, and a Certificate in Secondary Education from Florida Atlantic University. She earned her Master of Science in Leadership at Grand Canyon University.

Shawn Kirkilewski-Flora

Shawn Kirkilewski-Flora received her degree from Ball State University in 2000 and began her career as an educator in public schools. She became part of the Project Connect team at Arizona State University in 2014. She collaborated with researchers in the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics to develop and assess resources that prepare teachers with the knowledge and skills to improve positive peer relationships in the classroom. She has assisted with the creation of the Transgender Education Program in-person workshops and the online continuing education course. Currently, Shawn is an Instructional Design Associate in the Continuing and Professional Education department at EdPlus.

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