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Bicycle Safety


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What you'll learn:

This course will describe the basic laws and best practices that apply to safe bicycle use in and around Arizona. This online, self-paced course will cover the traffic laws that pertain to bicycle use in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and basic bicycle safety activities. Successfully completing this course will waive the fine associated with your ticket and you will not need to appear in court. Your successful completion of the course will be electronically transmitted to the court.

Who is this course designed for:

This course is for people in the community who have received a ticket that involves jaywalking, a skateboard or your bicycle.

Required materials:

A ticket for a jaywalking, skateboard or bicycle safety infraction, a court date that is MORE than a week from today's date, a computer or device that can deliver video online.


About the instructor

Christopher Hopkins

Chris is an Arizona native with 30 years of law enforcement and security experience. After 21 years, Chris retired from the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department as a Surveillance Officer in 2017. Chris is a graduate from ASU and a previous employee of ASU PD while attending school. Previously, Chris has worked closely with the NBA, NHL, MLB in Phoenix and has provided high profile security protection for celebrates and government officials, before returning to ASU as the Crime Prevention Coordinator for the ASU Police Department.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take this course?

No, but if you pass the test, you can waive the fine associated with your ticket.

When can I take the course?

The course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you must complete the course at least a week prior to your court date to allow for processing time of your record.

If I pass the test, do I still have to go to court?

No, this course fulfills that requirement.

How much will all this cost me?

You must pay the diversion fee associated with your ticket before taking the class. This fee is for records processing with your local court. In addition, there is a $18 fee for taking this course. Successfully completing the course will allow you to waive the ticket fine.

What if my court date is within the week?

Contact the ASUPD Bike info line at 480-965-6068.

What can I expect by taking this course?

The course has a presentation and an online quiz. You will need a computer or device in order to successfully complete the course. You will also have to make an online payment through Paypal to register for the course.

What if I don’t have those things?

Call the ASUPD Bike info line at 480-965-6068.