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Connecting Learners for Work and Education: Universal Broadband Access in the United States


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What you'll learn:

This self-directed, story-driven learning opportunity, developed and delivered by a team of ShapingEDU community members and our colleagues at Arizona State University, explores the challenges and opportunities related to universal broadband access for learning and work in the United States. It offers resources, strategies and concrete actions to lead change in your community, and opportunities to interact with other members of the learning community this course is designed to nurture.

It is meant to be as engaging, flexible, and highly-focused as we can make it. You can take it from start to finish, or you can focus on (and complete) those sections which will meet your own unique learning needs on this topic. You can use it as an ongoing source of information and return to it as your time and personal needs require. Most of all, you can control your own learning path by seeing yourself as a “co-conspirator” in the learning process and setting your own learning path in ways that provide the greatest rewards for you within the smallest amount of time possible.

What you'll do:


  • Defining the problem and looking toward action
  • Documenting the problem
  • Identifying barriers to universal access
  • Proposing solutions: Organizing for action

Who this course is designed for:

The course is designed for the largest possible audience of learners interested in knowing more about the challenges of promoting universal broadband access throughout the United States and those interested in or already promoting broadband access. It is also designed to be useful to those outside the United States who are facing similar challenges, and it includes ShapingEDU community members within and outside the U.S.