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Welcoming Dialogue on Religious Bias is a Course

Welcoming Dialogue on Religious Bias


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About This Course:

This To Be Welcoming course addresses bias related to religion in the United States. We begin with key terms like free exercise clause, followed by a video module featuring faculty experts answering commonly asked questions. Next, we explore key contextual issues that illuminate the forms of bias people from various religions face. We conclude with points for starting your own discussions on religious bias and considering appropriate responses.


English proficiency

Prior to taking this course, it is highly recommended that you complete TBW100, To be Welcoming: Foundational Course. The Foundational course will provide you with the context and vocabulary necessary to make the most out of this course.


Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Terry Shoemaker
Lecturer - School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies Arizona State University

Terry Shoemaker, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Religious Studies from Arizona State University. He has worked conducting religious studies research, teaching in the classroom, curriculum development, and student mentoring over the last ten years. His research focuses on the ways in which religion is both a site of resistance and repair within the American society and religion’s role in social justice efforts. As a site of social justice inquiry, Terry’s research has investigated marginalization pertaining to disability, race, and religious affiliations. He is currently a Lecturer at ASU and teaches courses on Religion, Culture, Public Life; Religion in America; and Religion and Popular Culture. Dr. Shoemaker has worked with Harvard’s Pluralism Project and the Interfaith Youth Core in both documenting religious diversity in America and cultivating religious dialogue on college campuses.