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Be the Change: Personally Managing Stress

Started Apr 19, 2019

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Self-Paced; 3 Hours





What you'll learn:

This course is designed to teach you strategies for managing stress through mindfulness. Students will learn to understand stress and the brain; explore stress emotions:anger and fear; develop stress management skills: mindful breathing practice; thought and body awareness; mindful reflection and setting intention.

  • How to define stress
  • Explain how stress affects the brain's normal functioning
  • Describe personal stress indicators
  • Explain how your own body reacts to and copes with stress
  • Practice Mindful Breathing Exercises
  • Reflect on a mindful experience
  • Learn how to describe mindfulness.

Who is this course designed for:

This course is applicable to anyone interested in developing skill to managing stress

Meet the instructors

Maria Napoli, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director Integrative Health Solutions

Dr. Maria Napoli is an associate professor at Arizona State University. She has incorporated the practice of mindfulness in her research, teaching, trainings and presentations at conferences nationally and internationally. Dr. Napoli has developed mindfulness programs for elementary school children, undergraduate and graduate students including a graduate certificate in integrative health with a focus on mindfulness practice. It is her vision to incorporate mindfulness in all levels of education giving students the opportunity to perform at their personal best as they improve quality of life. Dr. Napoli has published journal articles and five books: A Family Casebook: Problem Based Learning and Mindful Self Reflection; Tools for Mindful Living: Practicing the Four Step MAC Guide; Life by Personal Design: Realizing Your Dream with Sue Roe; Beyond Stress: Strategies for Blissful Living and Whole Person Health: Mindful Living Across the Lifespan (with Steve Peterson). She has co created five audios on Stress Management, Mindfulness, Quality of Life and Mindful Eating with Susan Busatti-Giangano.

David Shetzen, Instructor

David Shetzen is an instructor at ASU College of Public Service and Community Solutions, School of Social Work where he teaches undergraduate and graduate level stress management courses. His undergraduate and graduate degrees in human communication, higher education, and non profit organizations have given him the experience and opportunity to teach, design online courses and mentor students in stress and crisis management, nutrition, wellness, personal development and communication and social entrepreneurship.