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Seasonal Beekeeping - Virtual is a Course

Seasonal Beekeeping - Virtual

Starts Apr 3, 2021

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April 3, 2021


3 hours






This course is designed for hobby and commercial beekeepers

What you'll learn:

Participants will learn what the seasonal life cycles of beekeeping are. They will learn the seasonal responsibilities for their colonies. They will understand the priority tasks of the different seasons.

Course Objectives:

  • Spring works for honeybee colonies.
  • Summer works for honeybee colonies.
  • Fall works for honeybee colonies.
  • Winter works for honeybee colonies.

Who is this course designed for:

Hobby beekeepers and individuals interested in starting in beekeeping.

About the instructor

Cahit Ozturk, Ph.D.

Dr. Ozturk received his Bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1993 and completed his Masters and Ph.D. in apiculture at the University of Cukurova, Adana, Turkey. His journey working with bees started in 1989 as an undergraduate. He has since taught many courses on beekeeping, queen rearing, and honey bee products. He has also taught advanced beekeeping courses such as queen bee rearing, bee breeding and instrumental insemination as a lecturer for 7 years at the beekeeping departments of two different universities. He worked in a government research institute in Turkey as an apiculturist and researcher in the beekeeping department for 13 years where he further developed expertise in queen rearing, instrumental insemination, in vitro rearing and hygienic behavior. His work also included hygienic honey bee breeding projects. Dr. Ozturk joined ASU in 2014 where he works as the Research Technologist and manager of the honeybee research laboratory. As a master beekeeper with over 30 years of experience Dr. Ozturk shares his knowledge and expertise in his ASU beekeeping courses.

Meeting Details

Saturday, April 3, 2021
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


If you have any questions about the course please communicate with instructor by email