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Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees - April 2019 is a Course

Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees - April 2019

Ended Apr 21, 2019

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description


April 20, 2019


2 Days


Polytechnic Campus



What you'll learn:

The most important member in the honey bee colony is the queen bee. She is the mother of all worker and drone bees. A colony needs a good queen to be strong and productive in season. In Arizona, queens can live up to two years, however due to the climate, she begins to lay fewer eggs after one year. Colonies can rear their own queens, but this gives the beekeeper little control over who the queen mates with. Using instrumental insemination, beekeepers can pick the exact queen and drones to have a healthier, more stable colony. If you know this unique technique you can rear your own quality queens from your breeder colonies and you can rear also quality drones from your other breeder colonies and inseminate them whenever you want and you need.

  • Introduction of the Instrumental Insemination devices and development of insemination
  • Importance of queen bee in the bee colony and how to rear them
  • Importance of drone bees and how to rear them
  • Semen collection from drones
  • Insemination of queen bees
  • Insemination success, quality of the inseminated queen

Who is this course designed for:

This class is designed for hobby beekeepers, experienced beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, and bee researchers. A background in beekeeping and queen rearing is preferred. Virgin queens and drones will provided.


Knowledge of beekeeping preferably queen rearing is required. Beekeepers must provide their own instrumental insemination equipment.

Required course materials:

An instrumental insemination device is required for this course. Please bring your own device or contact the instructor,, for the availability of the insemination apparatus. Dr. Schley apparatus will be used but different apparatuses are also acceptable.

Please note class may be postponed if less than 3 students enroll.

About the instructor

Cahit Ozturk, Ph.D.

Dr. Ozturk received his Bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1993 and he has completed his Master and Ph.D. in apiculture at the University of Cukurova, Adana, Turkey. He started working with bees in 1989 while his university years with Dr. Osman Kaftanoglu. He then worked as a lecturer in Beekeeping departments at Selcuk and Nigde University in Turkey. He has taught lots of different common beekeeping classes and courses such as beekeeping, queen bee rearing, beekeeping products production, and also advanced beekeeping classes and courses such as queen bee genetics, bee breeding and instrumental insemination courses. He worked as a lecturer for 7 years at two different University beekeeping departments between 1994-2001. He also worked at a Government Research Institute in Turkey as an apiculturist, researcher and government inspector in Beekeeping department for 13 years. He worked on queen rearing, instrumental insemination of queen bees, in vitro honey bee rearing and hygienic behavior. He worked on hygienic honey bee breeding projects in Turkey. He joined ASU in 2014. He is a master beekeeper and has 30 years’ experience. He is currently the Research Technologist at ASU and is in charge of the Honey Bee Research Lab.

Meeting Details

Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21, 2019
9 am - 5:00 pm


Honey Bee Research Lab
ASU Polytechnic Campus
6858 E Old Pecos Road
Mesa, AZ 85212