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Probability and Statistics for Engineers


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Probability and Statistics for Engineers:

Applications-oriented topics with computer-based experience using statistical software for formulating and solving engineering problems.

Course Objectives:

This deficiency exam will cover the following course objectives:

  1. Understand the differences between probability and statistics
  2. Be able to recognize and use common discrete and continuous probability functions
  3. Use sample statistics to draw inferences about a population of interest through hypothesis testing of means, variances, and proportions
  4. Build simple and multiple linear regression empirical models from data
  5. Understand and apply basic statistical process control charts and analyses

Who this deficiency exam designed for:

Students who are either admitted with deficiencies to our Industrial Engineering graduate programs in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence (SCAI) at Arizona State University or students who are interested in becoming eligible for this program. Students may also complete this deficiency exam if they have general interest in the topic area.


The course syllabus is available here.

What you'll receive:

If you are planning to apply for the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program, please upload the certificate of completion in the prerequisite section of the application. If you are currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program, you will need to submit the Deficiency waiver form and upload your certificate here: