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Professional Skills Mastery - Written Communication is a Program

Professional Skills Mastery - Written Communication


$500 Enroll

Full program description




6 Hours





$149 each, or all 4 for $500

What the bundle includes:

In this certificate-earning bundle, you will learn and receive the four courses we offer related workplace professionalism. You will receive the following courses at a discounted bundle price:

  • Communicating with Email and Memos 
  • Uncovering the Secrets of Clear Writing 
  • Developing Reports and Proposals 
  • Writing Professional Letters 

Module and Content:

Students will take four courses which contain videos for learning and assessments to check their understanding of the concepts.

Learning Objectives:

In this bundle you’ll learn the ins and outs of written communication, which matter greatly in a professional setting. The goal is to be able to communicate effectively using emails, memos, and clear writing. Writing in a clear and concise manner will make your point more effective, and be taken more seriously. You’ll also learn how to write out reports and proposals and letters. Through the written communication bundle, you’ll learn how to communicate in writing given any situation.

Who is this bundle is designed for:

This bundle is designed for anyone who wants to become a more clear and effective writer. Whether you are interested in learning to write proposals and letters in the workplace, or interested in writing clear emails in your personal time, this bundle will help you excel in written communication in every aspect of your life.


Please contact or call 1.844.353.7856 with any questions.

Meet the instructors:

Kathryn Terzano, PhD

Dr. Kathryn Terzano is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU. She is an experienced higher education professional who has also worked in the international non-profit sector.

Michael Rubinoff, PhD

Dr. Michael Rubinoff is a former deputy assistant secretary for Trade Adjustment Assistance in the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. He administered a federal grant program through ten regional operations along with three major industry outreach offices in Japan.

Michael Pryzdia, PhD

Dr. Michael Pryzdia has been a Lecturer within Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies since 2004. His expertise lies within the field of Consciousness Studies. He is currently the owner and President of IQ2 and has worked as a corporate consultant since 1994.