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Writing Professional Letters


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1.5 Hours






What you'll learn:

Professional letters are used internally for important communication within an organization. They are also the preferred form of hard-copy communication with people outside of an organization. Today, writing professional letters still plays a key role in business communication and is a skill to be mastered. This course introduces you to business letters, which are one of the most formal means of internal and external communication within an organization.

Modules and Content:

For this course, students will learn how to write different types of business letters. The students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn to real-world problems. Videos, case studies, activities, and assessments all support the students as they explore the course content.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand professional letter writing.
  • Write business letters.
  • Use salutations.
  • Close business letters.
  • Write routine letters.
  • Answer request letters.
  • Write persuasive letters.
  • Write for goodwill.


Meet the instructor

Michael Pryzdia, PhD

Dr. Michael Pryzdia has been a Lecturer within Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies since 2004. His expertise lies within the field of Consciousness Studies. He is currently the owner and President of IQ2 and has worked as a corporate consultant since 1994.