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Uncovering the Secrets of Clear Writing


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1.5 Hours






What you'll learn:

Writing clearly and effectively is a valuable skill and one that compliments any field of work. Unfortunately, many people struggle with writing clearly and also mistakenly assume that writing is not important in their chosen profession. This course explains that effective and clear writing is a key professional skill. Knowing the basics of spelling, proper grammar and the mechanics of writing can drastically improve your writing. The course will teach you how to become a clear writer, which is a skill that you can transfer to any profession.

Modules and Content:

Students will have the opportunity to practice the skills necessary to write clearly. They will apply their learning to real-world problems. Several course activities help students to practice what they are learning. Course assessments will help students check for understanding of the key concepts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify written communication.
  • Write solid sentences.
  • Developing effective paragraphs.
  • Master punctuation.
  • Lay out your documents.
  • Illustrate data.
  • Add tables and figures to documents.
  • Proofread and revise.


Meet the instructor

Kathryn Terzano, PhD

Dr. Kathryn Terzano is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU. She is an experienced higher education professional who has also worked in the international non-profit sector.