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Prepped is a Course


Ended Apr 17, 2020

Full course description


January 15, 2020


12 Weeks





What you'll learn:

Prepped offers ventures immersive training in early-stage food business development including operations, food costing and financial literacy, small business marketing and communication strategies, permits and licensing, and more. Our instructors and experts focus on the fundamentals of launching a food-based business so you are adequately prepared to build and scale your company.

Who this course is designed for:

Prepped is designed for existing micro food businesses owned by women or underrepresented minorities that are looking to scale. Preference is given to businesses that can show that they have validated their business concept in the market. Prepped focuses on early stage, non brick and mortar food businesses. Our curriculum aligns best with caterers, food and beverage trucks or carts, and farmers market products such as baked goods or other added value products.

What you'll receive:

Certificate of Completion

Meet the instructors

Natalie R. Morris, Program Coordinator

Natalie Rachel Morris is a food and culture scholar, sustainable food systems professor, former WK Kellogg fellow, and trained culinarian. She is the founder of the award-winning farm and food directory Good Food Finder. Throughout her industry experience, she has worked in the areas of nutrition, food service and hospitality, and in film and food writing. Her work and interests have led her to small business advocacy and academic work in food culture and food systems where she continually hones her skills in education, event production, and marketing. She enjoys traveling and writing about food history and has recently written her own book Beans: A Global History (Reaktion Books: UK, University of Chicago Press: USA).

Rick Hall, Director of Health Innovation Programs

Rick Hall's academic area of focus relates to leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. Rick brings 15+ years of experience in management in the restaurant industry and is the founder of multiple nutrition related businesses. As an experienced food and nutrition entrepreneur himself, he is excited to be working with food entrepreneurs in this program.

Meeting Details

January 15 - April 8, 2020 
Wednesdays, 6pm - 8:30pm


120 E. Taylor Street. Phoenix, Arizona 85004