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Recruiting and Selecting New Employees


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Expand your recruitment training

Recruiting the talent needed for any organization can be one of the most exciting yet challenging tasks of the job. There may be competition for talent within your industry, or your position may require novel skills that are difficult to find within candidates. In this recruiting class from Arizona State University, you'll learn how to better tackle this responsibility for your organization.

In this recruiting course, you'll learn the standard processes of advertising for the position and effective strategies for recruiting qualified job applicants. You'll also learn about the key elements to a successful interview with potential candidates and different modes of interviewing. With this course, you'll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to select form the best talent in your industry.

Learn how to recruit top talent for your business

This recruiting class will prepare you with the expertise you need to hire new employees for your industry. You'll master topics in public relations for your organization, learn about the importance of diversity in your employees and discover active steps you can take to counteract one's own biases. This course for recruiting and selecting new employees contains a three-part module:

  • Finding qualified candidates.
  • Interviewing candidates.
  • Selecting a candidate.

This recruitment training content begins with a course orientation and tips for succeeding in your learning. The course includes videos, slides and quiz preparation along with your study plan. The culminating quiz provides an opportunity to synthesize the course components.

Recruiting skills for all types of business leaders

This course is designed for any professional who desires to expand their knowledge in recruiting and selecting new employees for an organization. This recruiting class will guide you through the process of finding and hiring talented candidates.

Earn a recruiter certification

You’ll earn a certificate of completion stating the title of the course, date and the institution.


Meet the instructor

Jennifer L. S. Chandler, PhD

Lecturer Jennifer L. S. Chandler focuses her current research, teaching and publication on critical leadership. She serves as the leadership advisor for the National Science Foundation’s Engineering Research Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics for which ASU serves as the lead institution. In the past, Chandler led projects, taught project management, trained project managers and evaluated project management programs for more than 20 years working with international corporations, U.S. federal agencies and U.S. national professional associations.