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Learn to use the internet


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How do I use the internet for business web research?

As a collection of billions of computers and millions of people, the internet helps people communicate, meaning that you can get your fingers on information from anywhere around the world. This access to information can be daunting, especially when you’re looking for particular information from a reputable source for business-related decisions. This course will help you find confidence in conducting web research by teaching you the fundamentals about web browsers, ways to access the internet, tips on using different search engines like Chrome and Firefox, ways to search for different content types like text or imagery, and ways to understand and modify your web research so you can tailor your queries to find exactly what you need. Sound overwhelming? This course is completely self-paced, so that you can spend however much time you need understanding the basics of how to use the internet, while completing quizzes to ensure that you are understanding the class material.

What you’ll learn about in this internet research course

Searching the internet for information has become a critical skill to operate in any career, whether you’re conducting research on business practices or a competitive analysis of other companies in your sector. In this course, become confident in using the internet as a tool to gain knowledge and data for your business. Lessons include:

  1. Identifying and understanding web browser basics; learn to identify three main browsers used to access the internet. Browsers are software applications that scour the internet for the information you are looking for, examples include Chrome, Internet Explorer (Edge) and Firefox.
  2. Conducting searches in the web; Learn how to navigate a browser and the tools available to you there that help you to filter and modify your search results so that you can get the kind of information you need.
  3. Searching for images; when you search online you can find all manner of media types, web pages, PDFs, online books and images. Learn how to navigate the internet to find exactly the type of result you are looking for.
  4. Understanding a variety of tools to modify and narrow searches; There are different tricks that you can use when you’re conducting an internet search in order to limit the results you get. Sometimes the way in which you type your question, or the punctuation you use in a browser will help you target specific information. Learn to use Boolean operators to show your browser exactly what you need.

Who this internet research class is designed for:

This class is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to use the internet in a professional way. If you want to feel more confident about internet research, and if you want a better understanding in how search engines work, this is the class for you!

What you’ll earn in this internet research course:

When you complete this course, you’ll not only learn how to use the internet, you’ll earn a certificate and badge to show off your web-savvy abilities!

Meet the instructor

Dr. Mai P. Trinh

Dr. Mai P. Trinh joined Arizona State University as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts in August 2016. She is an expert in leadership development, group dynamics, experiential learning, complex dynamic systems, and adaptability.