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Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Development


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Full course description




8-10 hours






What you'll learn

The Emotional Intelligence skills contributing to one's leadership and human potential development.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the Brain Science & Research Behind the Value of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. Evaluate One's Personal Level of EI
  3. Apply the Benefits of EI to one's Personal Career & to one's Organization
  4. Apply Self-Awareness Insights to One's Leadership Development
  5. Apply Self-Management Insights to One's Leadership Development
  6. Apply Empathy/Social Awareness Insights to One's Leadership Development
  7. Develop Further Skilled Relationships as a Part of One's Leadership Development
  8. Apply Vertical Development Principles to Leadership Development

What you'll do:

We will be addressing all of these areas in this course and going into some detail for the four development areas. The course modules include the following topics:

  • Module 1: An Introduction & Overview to Emotional Intelligence.
  • Module 2: Development Area #1: The What & Why & How of Self-Awareness
  • Module 3: Development Area #2: The What & Why & How of Self-Management
  • Module 4: Development Area #3: The What & Why & How of Empathy/Social Awareness
  • Module 5: Development Area #4: The What & Why & How of Skilled Relationships
  • Module 6: Vertical Development & Course Conclusion

Who this course is designed for:

Those seeking to develop leadership skills and/or human relationship skills

What you'll receive:

EI Skills and an ASU Badge


Meet the instructors

William (Bill) Erwin - Instructor

Bill Erwin combines his 30+ years of experience in organizational development, training and training design with his academic background as a teacher, writer, and speaker. He is the former Mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona, holds two masters degrees and has taught at Northern Arizona University, Glendale and Mesa Community Colleges as well as at ASU. He has a background as an entrepreneur having founded Agri-Business Research Corporation, developed numerous real estate projects and founded Life Design, Inc. in 1991, a firm specializing in training, training design, and organizational development.

His clients have included: Honeywell, Motorola, Intel, The Dial Corporation, Arizona Public Service, Booz Allen Hamilton, Avnet, the National Security Agency, Indian Health Service, City of Tempe, City of Scottsdale, and the Scottsdale and Mesa Public School Districts. Bill has taught a wide array of courses in a variety of disciplines including: Interdisciplinary Studies, Organizational Leadership, Humanities, History of World Religions, American History, and Public Administration. He joined the Faculty of Leadership and Integrative Studies at Arizona State University in 2014.

He and his wife, Elizabeth, have three children and five grandchildren.

Michael Pryzdia - Doctor of Philosophy, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Michael Pryzdia designed and developed this course in collaboration with Bill Erwin. They have been and are business partners and teach for the same department at Arizona State University. Although you'll see Bill Erwin in many of the videos, this course was designed and developed through the collaboration of Bill and Michael.

Michael R. Pryzdia is an experienced teacher, writer, speaker, and corporate consultant and trainer. He holds a doctorate from Bowling Green State University. Michael has owned and operated his own corporate consulting companies from 1994 to the present. He focused on delivering Conflict Management and Effective Communication seminars as well as Executive and Leadership Coaching and consulting sessions. His current company (IQ2) offers a program composed of talks, seminars, and dialogues geared to fostering insight, creativity and effective communication for organizational employees. His clients have included: Honeywell, Motorola, Intel, The Dial Corporation, Indian Health Service, Central Arizona Project, Arizona Game and Fish, and the Kyrene, Scottsdale, and Mesa Public School Districts. Michael Joined the Faculty of Leadership and Integrative Studies within the College of Integrative Sciences of Arts at Arizona State University in 2004 and is a Senior Lecturer.

Michael's current work focuses on the nature of human consciousness where he integrates work being done within the disciplines of Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Biology, and Quantum Physics.