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Marketing Information and Research


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2.5 Hours






What is market research?

Marketing research unifies data about your customers with what you know about your market and product research in pursuit of a better understanding of how to serve people's needs. Market research identifies and analyzes problems considering customer interests, problems, values and feedback in tandem with environmental, product, and advertising insights. Market research and information is action-oriented; reports and findings are developed into recommendations to improve your product, delivery or process.

What you'll learn in this marketing research course:

  1. The role of marketing information in helping firms understand and reach consumers
  2. The key types of marketing information including internal data, competitive intelligence and marketing research
  3. Standard process for using marketing research to address an organization’s strategic questions
  4. Alternative methods for conducting marketing research, including primary and secondary research methods
  5. Sources of market data
  6. How Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can help organizations manage and gain customer insights from marketing information
  7. How marketing information can inform the marketing strategy

Market information and research for anyone:

This online marketing class is beneficial for a range of students who seek to better incorporate data into your business and marketing practice. Market information and research can be injected into multiple aspects of marketing and business practices, so whether you're a marketing professional, you seek to begin a career in marketing or if you simply wish to understand how market research skills can improve efficacy of your job or business, this class is for you!

What you're earn in this online marketing class:

Upon completion, you will earn a market segmentation and targeting certificate.


Meet the instructor

Matthew Rodgers

Matthew Rodgers is an Instructor for Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. His academic interests are varied and include South American literature, contemporary film studies, postmodernism, organizational studies and leadership, and design. In his free time he enjoys building websites, Jack Russell Terriers, and creating engaging learning environments. He also likes talking to students. Reach out to him anytime via @profrodgers on Twitter.