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Modern Leadership


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3 Hours





What you'll learn:

What’s the difference between being a manager and a leader? Why does it matter? When we look at examples from the past, why do we lift up Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and others as great leaders—not simply as great managers?

Please note: This course is not facilitated by an instructor; therefore no one is monitoring activity in the course. If you have a question or need help as you progress, please reference the help section.

Modules and content:

In this course you learn key foundational concepts that underpin approaches to leadership, as well as defining traits one should focus on developing to maximize one’s leadership effectiveness. You will then use this information to critique and reflect upon some well-known examples of successful and unsuccessful leaders through the lens of the concepts and ideas provided in the course. Specific concepts include:

  1. How leadership and management differ and overlap
  2. Leading is not just based on position (informal versus formal)
  3. Traits commonly associated with leadership effectiveness
  4. Established styles of leading
  5. Situational approaches to leading others (Modern)
  6. The transformational/transactional leadership continuum (modern)
  7. How to apply modern leadership concepts and ideas

Who this course is designed for:

Anyone interested in improving leadership skills and taking your game to the next level. You don’t have to be manager to be a leader, and this course will explain why.

What you'll receive:

A Certificate of Completion

Meet the instructor

George Love, PhD

Dr. George Love brings over 20 years of experience as a practicing leader and has experience as both a manager and director in modern organizational settings. During his career he was deeply involved with development operational practices and applications for what was, at one time, the largest provider of online higher education in the United States. His history of research is around issues influencing organizational commitment and he has taught courses on leadership and organizational behavior since 2001.