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Communicating Through Technology


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3 hours






Communicating through technology

In this communication technology class, you'll learn about some of the tools available to effectively manage your organization such as in-person, remote, audio, video and web conferencing technologies. You'll study many of the best practices for effectively communicating with technology. You'll also learn how seamlessly integrating these technologies into your organization will facilitate more effective communication.

Learn how technology helps with communication

There are many ways that technology helps with communication in a business setting. With appropriate tools, managing communication within your organization or small team can be accessible and intuitive. This course will help you learn how to streamline the process of leading communication technology for your team. You’ll learn leading communication strategies and how to facilitate collaboration through technology.

Throughout this communication technology class, you'll learn the following:

  • Common types of tools for audio, video and web sharing tools.
  • Common planning tools to schedule business meetings.
  • How to schedule meetings using audio, video and web sharing components.
  • How to use audio and video conferencing tools effectively in a business context.
  • Some best practices for using web sharing tools effectively.

This course contains video and content slides, a study plan and quiz preparation to help you succeed in learning these fundamental concepts.

Who this communication technology class is for

This class is designed for professionals who desire to learn how technology helps with communication and learning platforms for effectively using tools within your organization. This course can help you learn how to integrate these central concepts into your management style.

Earn a certificate in technical communication skills

You’ll earn a Certificate of Completion stating the title of the course and the number of hours to complete.


Meet the instructor

Robert Kirsch, PhD

Robert Kirsch is an assistant professor in the faculty of leadership and interdisciplinary studies. Robert has extensive training and has published widely in social science theory. He focuses his research around questions of leadership, citizenship and sovereignty in advanced industrial democracies. He also studies diversity, equity and inclusion at the college faculty level. When not teaching or researching, Robert can usually be found at higher elevations, hiking the various mountains in southern Arizona.