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Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) Course Design


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15-20 hours





What you'll learn:

During the pandemic, classes have been disrupted with student absences, switching from remote to in-person classes, and other challenges. A HyFlex design allows teachers and students to transition smoothly between modalities. Learn:

  • How to define and describe the HyFlex approach to course design;
  • How to identify and create learning and instructional objectives;
  • How to build a learning community in a HyFlex course;
  • How to effectively administer a HyFlex course.

Who is this course designed for:

This course is for teachers, university faculty and other educational professionals who want to improve their abilities to deliver courses.

What you'll do:

  • Watch engaging videos.
  • Read thought-provoking articles.
  • Create an instructional planning guide for 1 week of a proposed HyFlex course.
  • Discuss and create Topical Discussions, Overlapping Discussions, and Reflection Posts.
  • Use tools to develop a plan for implementing best teaching practices in a HyFlex course.

What you'll receive:

Learners will receive an ASU certificate for successful completion of the course.