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ITA Teacher Training Course: Fall 2020 is a Course

ITA Teacher Training Course: Fall 2020


Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

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Course Details

Meeting Times:

Mondays/Wednesdays from 10:45 am – 1:30 pm
Wednesday, September 2 - Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Tuesdays/Thursdays from 9:00 am – 11:45 pm
Thursday, September 3 - Thursday, November 19, 2020



In order to enroll, qualified students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a score of at least 40 on the SPEAK test (or at least a 6 on the speaking section of the IELTS test, or at least a 21 on the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT).
  • Ask their department representative to send an email with their name, ID number, name of department, and a statement that the student is a potential candidate for a TA position. Please send emails either to or to

During the semester, each student is required to prepare at least four videotaped micro-teaching presentations that are evaluated by the instructor during tutorial sessions. At the end of the semester, a final videotaped presentation is evaluated by a panel of language and pedagogical experts. Full certification by the panel is equivalent to a score of 55 on the SPEAK test (the minimum score required for an ITA position at ASU), and a rating of certified with qualifications is equivalent to a score of 50 (the minimum score to tutor or be a lab assistant). Those students who do not receive the above ratings are not certified and may retake the SPEAK test, re-enroll in the ITA Teacher Training Course or enroll in one Global Launch eight-week intensive English class.