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Global Finance Executive Certificate


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Self Paced 80 Hours Certificate $1,782


Executive Certificate Overview

Explore the world of finance from every angle through a global lens. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates, understanding the unique challenges, opportunities, and success strategies of the global financial market takes sophisticated, comprehensive instruction in all matters of global finance.

Thunderbird's Executive Certificate in Global Finance provides executives, entrepreneurs, and other leaders with foundational knowledge, tools, conceptual mastery, and hands-on skills to thrive in the world of global finance. Whether your goal is to incorporate these skills into your current career or position yourself for a transition into global finance, this two-course online professional development program will give you the confidence and capabilities to conduct business globally with secure, smart, and success-based finance strategies.

Earn an Executive Certificate in Global Finance by completing two courses: Applied Financial Management and Multinational Financial Management.


What topics will be covered

  • Overview of Corporate Financial Management    
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Working Capital Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Time Value of Money    
  • Valuing Securities    
  • Investment Analysis    
  • How to Evaluate an Investment Project
  • Overview of Multinational Financial Management
  • Financial Options
  • Forwards, Futures, and Swaps
  • Short-Term Assets and Liabilities Management
  • Currency Exposures
  • Currency Hedging 
  • Country Risks 
  • Overview & Recap of Multinational Financial Management











Professor Lena Booth

Lena Booth is the senior associate dean of international academic partnerships and associate professor of finance at Thunderbird. She teaches strategic financial analysis, corporate financial management, global financial management, and advanced topics in finance such as global private equity. Born in Malaysia and educated in Singapore and the U.S., she speaks and writes English, Chinese, and Malay and speaks a few Chinese dialects.




Questions & Other Information 

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