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Ethical Circular Economy Executive Certificate


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Full program description

Self-Paced 6 Hours Digital Badge $199


Course Overview


Now, more than ever businesses are realizing that setting ambitious sustainability goals is key to driving long-term profitability and corporate resilience in the face of economic, social and environmental challenges. More and more organizations have pivoted towards the concept of circular economy, as a more business-oriented, risk mitigating approach to becoming sustainable – and it isn’t about one person or department- it extends into supply chains, throughout an organization, and beyond, into the communities their businesses operate, live and serve in. The Ethical Circular Economy module is designed to inform and equip business leaders with tools to design and implement strategies for a more sustainable and prosperous future and elevate their organizations to a circular economy.


What topics will be covered

  • Recognize the current status quo of and issues with
    supply chains that are attributable to the linear economy
    and how it functions globally through unsustainable
    resource extraction, consumption, and waste generation.
  • Identify the global externalities from the linear economy
    including the negative environmental and social impacts.
  • Recognize global waste management objectives, issues,
    and trends.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of systems
    thinking and systems mapping tools that evaluate the
    operation of a business model in a holistic manner
  • Recognize the concept of circular economy as a solution
    to linear economy issues.












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