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Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance is a Course

Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance

Ended Jul 10, 2023

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Synchronous 35 Hours Digital Badge $1,980


Course Overview

Essentials of International Credit & Trade Finance is part of the Executive Certificate in International Credit & Trade Finance, which will enhance your understanding of global trade, international sales and payment, cash flow, and credit lines. This online professional development certificate focuses on the basics of international credit and trade finance to apply to your everyday financial business routine.

What topics will be covered

  • Global Trade Concepts
  • International Trade, Credit and Accounts Receivable Management
  • International Payment and Shipping Terms
  • Documentary Collections and Letters of Credit
  • International Customer Risks and Financial Statements Analysis
  • Looking Beyond the Numbers
  • International Trade Creditor’s Guide to Cash Flow and Credit Lines
  • International Credit Risk Protection Mechanisms and Risk Mitigation Techniques
  • International Cash Management and Collections







Questions & Other Information 

Advanced International Credit & Trade Finance online course provides 3-4 hours of content per week. Participants will be given 10 weeks to complete all the material. This facilitated course gives you the opportunity to interact with your classmates and your facilitator. 

This course will start on May 1st. If you can't join us then, we also offer the following start dates:

-September 4th

Essentials of International Credit and Trade Finance is a prerequisite to this course and must be taken first.

Have questions about this program? Let us know and we'll get back to you!

To earn the Executive certificate you must finish this self-paced online course with a finale score of 70% or greater.