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Data-Centric Leadership for Effective Scaling

Started Feb 9, 2024

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Course Overview

Discover the strategic power of data and analytics in shaping organizational decisions in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Explore the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) into leadership strategies. Learn to leverage data for long-term organizational strategies, ensuring adaptability amidst constant change. Gain expertise in guiding organizations through technological disruptions and digital transformations. Navigate the ethical dimensions of data use, promote responsible data practices, and master effective change management strategies. This course equips you to lead with data during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What topics will be covered

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of how data, effective data management, and analytics shape decisions in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution, enabling you to lead with data-driven insights and ethical governance principles while driving innovation and optimizing business performance
  • Gain the knowledge and strategies necessary to integrate AI and emerging technologies into leadership practices, aligning technology adoption with organizational goals, harnessing AI's potential for creating value within your organization, and preparing your organization for the future of work.
  • Prepare yourself to effectively lead during technological disruptions and digital transformations, equipping you with the skills to navigate and harness these changes




Dr. Marco Serrato

Marco Serrato serves as Associate Vice President of Arizona State University's Learning Enterprise, which serves learners across their entire lifespan. Under this role, Marco collaborates with academic units and faculty across the university to identify and oversee opportunities to serve such learners. Marco has a global understanding of higher education, including professional, executive and continuing education programs across different industries, geographies and emerging technology platforms. Originally from Mexico, Marco is a first-generation college graduate that holds a double-degree PhD in Industrial Engineering: Operations Research from Iowa State University and Industrial Engineering, and Operations Management from Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Dr. Michael Proksch

Michael Proksch considers himself as an AI transformation executive and thought leader in advanced analytics. He been a researcher and docent in economics and especially consumer psychology at several highly ranked universities in Australia, Asia & Europe. He specializes in motivational psychology and behavioral change, driving change management initiatives across the enterprise value chain and implementing sustainable analytics solutions to augment/automate business processes. Michael hold a PhD in Economics from Kiel University, and an MBA from Leipzig University.


Nisha Paliwal

Nisha Paliwal is Managing VP of Engineering at Capital One. She is an emerging leader in Technology, a visionary technologist, and a passionate change agent. Nisha joined Capital One in 2015 in Finance Tech, moved on to Small Business Tech and is now the Vice President of Software Engineering in Card, where she is leading the transformation of Core Modernization. She has a Master of Science in Microbiology from University of Pantnagar in India.


Saurabh Khemka

Dr. Saurabh Khemka is revolutionizing the construction industry as the leader of the AI division at Parspec, bringing over a decade of experience from various industries. His journey has seen him deliver impactful data science solutions, from energy trading analytics in a trading firm to developing advanced fraud detection, recommendation systems, and customer segmentation strategies at Walmart. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Zurich, a Master's from EPFL, Switzerland, and a Bachelor's from IIT Roorkee.