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Open Entrepreneurship Studio is a Program

Open Entrepreneurship Studio



Full program description


January 2, 2021


30-50 hours






What you'll learn:

This program is designed as a platform to help interested parties, who don't have their own idea, participate in ASU's world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem. As such, participants will gain access to a list of opportunities that they can select, and have access to training to help them turn those ideas into new ventures.

What you'll do:

  1. Participants will identify and gather around ranked opportunities
  2. Participants will gain meaningful feedback towards developing their selected opportunity into a ‘launchable’ New Venture
  3. Participants will develop a validated New Venture that allows them to participate, and competitively compete, in world-class ASU entrepreneurial events and programming

Who this course is designed for:

Students, staff, faculty that are interested in entrepreneurship but don't have an idea that they are particularly interested in commercializing.


Meet the instructor

Jared Byrne - Center for Entrepreneurship @ W. P. Carey; Director, Open Entrepreneurship Studio

Jared currently leads ASU’s Open Entrepreneurship Studio, as well as the Center for Entrepreneurship at Arizona State Universities W. P. Carey School of Business. As a entrepreneurial facilitator, former founder (family business) and a PhD Candidate studying Impact Entrepreneurship, Jared focuses on democratizing access through experiential programming based on real-world opportunities.