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Mediactive: How to Participate in Our Digital World is a Course

Mediactive: How to Participate in Our Digital World

Started Oct 3, 2020


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We’re in an age of information overload. Learn how media literacy principles can help you make sense of your digital media environment.

Should I take this free course?

Do you read, watch, listen to or create media online? Then, yes!

This course is for adults who want to know more about digital media, misinformation and media literacy. We understand that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed online today; Mediactive can help you better understand and participate in our information environment.

What will I learn?

Participants will learn how to:

  • spot misinformation
  • assess claims and sources
  • explain how the news media operate
  • use and create media to participate in their communities

What will I do:

You’ll learn how to become an active media user and how to ethically share and create media. The course features personalized learning options and interactive and reflection activities, alongside conversations with instructors and fellow participants through online and live discussions.

Can I do this course at my own pace?

Absolutely. It should take about 6 hours total to complete. The course is also adaptive, meaning it has different “paths” that adapt the material to your learning style and interests. Think of it like Netflix’s suggestions based on what you’ve previously watched — but in this case it’s based on how well you’ve understood the content.

What technology do I need to take this class?

Though the majority of the course is mobile-friendly, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for the optimal experience. We have found that some of the interactive activities may not perform well on the iPad mini.

The course works best with the following browsers:

Who’s teaching this course?

Mediactive was created by the News Co/Lab at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. We work to advance media literacy through journalism, education and technology (and this project touches on all three!).


Meet the instructors

Dan Gillmor - Professor of Practice, News Co/Lab Co-Founder

Dan Gillmor, an internationally recognized author and leader in new media and citizen-based journalism, is co-founder of the News Co/Lab. He also teaches digital media literacy at ASU. A longtime journalist, he is author of books on media developments including We the Media and Mediactive.

Kristy Roschke - Managing Director, News Co/Lab

Kristy Roschke, Ph.D., is the managing director of the News Co/Lab. She teaches and researches media literacy, news engagement and trust. She has taught journalism at the high school and college level for 17 years. She spends her free time reading and playing board games with her 7-year-old.

Celeste Sepessy - Editor, News Co/Lab

Editor Celeste Sepessy joined the News Co/Lab in 2018. She teaches news writing at her alma mater, the Cronkite School. When she’s not editing articles or researching media literacy, she’s likely heading to her local library to check out too many books.

Quinlyn Shaughnessy - Teaching assistant, News Co/Lab

Quinlyn Shaughnessy is a News Co/Lab teaching assistant with a love for all things media-related. She holds a BA in Mass Communication & Media Studies from ASU's Cronkite School and can usually be found typing, reading or watching. When disconnected from the internet, she writes novels and makes music.



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