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Professional Certificate in Health Informatics


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As the health care industry evolves into a more value-based system, informatics and the use of data analytics will help drive this transformation. The health care professional should possess a foundational understanding of informatics and how data is used to drive health care systems and design. This professional certificate in health informatics provides an in depth overview in the realm of informatics, big data analytics, computer assisted clinical decision support and workflow analysis and design within health care systems.

By completing this certificate, a participant should be able to:

  • Describe the foundation of informatics for the healthcare industry and how the use of informatics drives patient care and outcomes.
  • Correlate the use of informatics with clinical decision making and the interface between the electronic health record (EHR) and patient care.
  • Identify key concepts in work flow design and analysis that correspond with analytics and EHR design to guide patient care.

In order to receive a Health Informatics certificate from the Health Solutions Executive Education program, students need to successfully complete the following courses in sequential order:

    Introduction to Health Informatics
    Clinical Decision Support and Evidence-Based Medicine
    Workflow Analysis and Redesign in Health Systems Engineering

Each course can be completed in 4 weeks and the full certificate can be completed in only 12 weeks. When enrolling in the certificate, you will automatically be enrolled in each course. At this time we do not offer individual courses.

Who this certificate is designed for:

Healthcare clinicians, healthcare administrators and managers, pharma and biotechnology industry professionals, information technology and data analyst specialists.