Full course description


April 1, 2018


4-6 Weeks





What you'll learn:

As the health care industry evolves into a more value-based system, informatics and the use of data analytics will help drive this transformation. The health care professional should possess a foundational understanding of informatics and how data is used to drive health care systems and design. This course provides an overview of informatics, standards for interoperability, big data analytics, and an introduction to computer assisted clinical decision support.

  • Explore the building blocks and current applications of informatics in health science and health care delivery systems.
    • Clinical information systems, including clinical decision support systems
    • Healthcare management, quality and reimbursement systems
    • Consumer and patient-centered information technologies
    • Standards, data exchange and interoperability
  • Appreciate the interplay of regulatory, legal and ethical aspects of health informatics
    • Human computer interaction and usability
    • Privacy and security challenges: HIPAA and beyond
    • “Big Data” and analytics
    • Ethics implications of informatics applications

Who is this course designed for:

Healthcare clinicians, healthcare administrators and managers, pharma and biotechnology industry professionals, information technology and data analyst specialists.