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Modeling Instruction in Chemistry II

Ended Jun 25, 2021

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Full course description


June 7, 2021


3 Weeks






What you'll learn:

The main objective of the first Modeling Workshop (Chemistry I) was to acquaint teachers with all aspects of the modeling method of instruction and develop some skill in implementing it. To that end, teachers were provided with a fairly complete set of written curriculum materials to support instruction organized into coherent modeling cycles.

In this course, teachers will review core modeling principles, discuss ways to successfully implement a modeling approach, then work through coherent model-centered materials in second semester and advanced general chemistry in high school and two-year-college, to develop a deep understanding of content and how to teach it effectively. To these ends, they read, discuss, and reflect on related chemistry education research articles. The focus is on first-year chemistry courses that use algebra.

Course content:

We will begin by debriefing your modeling experiences thus far and re-visiting updates to the "core" chemistry units. Then we will move on to our exciting "Beyond the Core" units:

  • Unit 10 - Models of the Atom
  • Unit 11 - Periodic Table and Bonding
  • Unit 12(b) - Intermolecular Attractions and Biological Macromolecules
  • Unit 13 - Chemical Equilibrium
  • Unit 14 - Acids & Bases

We will practice model-centered discourse, peer interaction, and collaboration. Students will be assessed each week on their continued growth in both pedagogy and content.

What you'll receive:

Certificate showing Continuing Education Units earned


A chemistry I Modeling Workshop of at least 2 weeks (60 contact hours) duration.

Limited spaces in the classroom are available. To apply for a space, please e-mail

*If you are an Arizona teacher, please email for a coupon code that will give you a $250 discount, so that your registration cost is only $400.


Meeting Details

June 7, 2021 through June 25, 2021
MTWTh: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.