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ASU Startup School, Stage 1 - ASU for You


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What you'll learn:

ASU Startup School is a comprehensive and proven framework for developing ventures. Startup School is a series of facilitated workshops wherein entrepreneurs learn what they need to do in order to develop a successful venture.

Stage 1 of ASU Startup School is a valuable opportunity for all types of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers to advance their ideas into sustainable ventures, including small businesses, social enterprises, high-tech startups, corporate innovators, and community organizers.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs find their path to delivering and capturing value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Adopt and practice an entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset is characterized by a positive attitude and outlook regarding the following activities:
    • Handling ambiguity and new situations
    • Focusing on serving end-users
    • Being dedicated and persistent
    • Analyzing opportunities and risk
    • Trying new things and failing
    • Problem-solving and viewing problems as opportunities
    • Building relationships
    • Being a leader
    • Being a team member
  • Understand, apply, and synthesize entrepreneurship terminology and the various components of the entrepreneurial process and mindset.
  • Understand how to access and leverage resources available at Arizona State University and the broader community that may be used to support startup creation.
  • Create a successful startup of any form (nonprofit organization, for-profit business, small business, technology startup, social enterprise, etc.) using knowledge and resources learned in Startup School.
  • Create solutions to real-life problems by synthesizing new and existing information and resources using the entrepreneurial process and mindset.

Who is this course designed for: