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English for Business Leaders - ASU for You is a Course

English for Business Leaders - ASU for You


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6 weeks






What you'll learn:

To communicate politely and confidently in business situations, such as meetings and interviews. To write common professional documents. To listen actively during team discussions and with employees.

What you'll do:

  • Module 1: Staffing and Hiring Decisions - See a model of how an executive communicates depending on the situation. Learn to make requests using direct and indirect approaches by analyzing team interactions, language choices and communication patterns.
  • Module 2: Meeting Management - Gain insight into planning and facilitating an effective meeting, summarizing key points of an agenda item, and begin to develop strategies to be better understood.
  • Module 3: Leading Teams - Learn to interrupt with politeness and confidence, ask for clarification and get the desired answer, and hold the floor and keep it during team discussions.
  • Module 4: Planning, Organizing, Delegating - Write status reports and emails while using concise language to summarize key pieces of information.
  • Module 5: Managing and Coaching - Recognize the importance of active listening, as well as use key phrases and language to facilitate the coaching and mentoring process.

Who this course is designed for:

Non-native English speakers who have an intermediate level of proficiency and want to use English in their workplace.

What you'll receive:

A certificate of completion