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Welcoming Dialogue on Hispanic/Latino Bias- Innovation Quarter is a Course

Welcoming Dialogue on Hispanic/Latino Bias- Innovation Quarter


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Innovation Week

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Welcoming Dialogue on Hispanic/Latino Bias- Innovation Quarter

Ever wondered where to start with social justice issues? Have you wanted to become involved, but worry about using the wrong language? Join a group of like-minded voyagers as you engage in the Starbucks To Be Welcoming learning series.

Building on the race course, this To Be Welcoming course focuses on bias and the experiences of Latino peoples in the United States. Here, we explore how different biases affect the economic, social and cultural experiences of people who identify as Latino, Latinx, or Hispanic. We begin with key terms like Hispanic and Latino, followed by a video module featuring faculty experts answering commonly asked questions. Next, we provide context by exploring relationship between politics and media representations, socio-economic status, and terminology. We conclude with points for starting your own discussions on Hispanic/Latino bias and considering appropriate responses.

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Collaborator, Emotional Intelligence + Awareness

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Staff and Student Facilitators; Content from Starbucks To Be Welcoming series