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Rescuing Icarus: the Possibilities of "Play"


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December 7, 2020


1 hour






Innovation Week

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Rescuing Icarus: the Possibilities of "Play"

Daedalus was the architect. Icarus was the artist. Together, they turned a problem on its size and went over the maze instead of through it. Along the way, someone told us that Icarus was the fool. We forgot the rest of the story: Daedalus, the greatest craftsman among mortals, never invented anything ever again. The true moral of the myth is really this: innovation requires more than just pragmatism; it also requires playfulness.

This session will use a combination of pre recorded presentations, live Q&A, and facilitated brainstorming to explore play as a multidimensional concept that goes well beyond our conventional understanding.

Badging Learning Outcomes

Reasoning, Creative Ideator, Innovation Facilitator

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Colonel Jason "TOGA" Trew, PhD