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Creating the Enchanted Guidebook: A (Persuasive) Tool for Study Abroad


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December 8, 2020


60 minutes






Innovation Week

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Creating the Enchanted Guidebook: A (Persuasive) Tool for Study Abroad

Students rave about study abroad and other "in the field" experiences. But are we cheating them out of secret insights? Are we creating tools that capture their imagination *during* and *after* the experience? One prominent tool is the deceptively simple Guidebook. Not just any guidebook, but the Enchanted guidebook--a mysterious tool that integrates instructor-driven outcomes with the magic of childlike wonder. Although first designed for executives taking leadership treks by bicycle, the Enchanted Guidebook cross applies perfectly for study abroad and other experiential excursions. In this session you will (a) see the evolution of a Guidebook, (b) learn how to integrate journaling and other reflective activities into the Guidebook, (c) embed subliminal messages of persuasion into the Guidebook, and (d) add simple but effective worksheets that accelerate learning.

Badging Learning Outcomes

Creative Ideator, Innovation Facilitator, Innovative Communicator, Emotional Intelligence + Awareness

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G. Layne Gneiting