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Audio production as an innovative tool to foster class engagement


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December 8, 2020


1 hour






Innovation Week

This session is part of something remarkable: a month-long celebration of innovative energy designed to educate, engage, and inspire. Once you enroll in this session, remember to check out your dashboard to see your personal learning path. We can't wait to innovate with you!

The lecture will be podcasted: Audio production as an innovative tool to foster class engagement

As a professor do you ever find yourself being pressed for class-time? Seventy-five minute course time can fly! As professors, we want to deliver effective lectures that convey the key elements of our subject matters to students. New research dictates that student attention-span can range from eight-to-ten minute time periods for best focus result of engagement. In this workshop, I walk you through five easy steps using Adobe Creative Suite, in particular Adobe Auditions, to audio pre-produce your lectures in effective formats for students to pre-listen before class sessions. By podcasting your lecture, you are able to effectively: a) connect course material relevance, b) provide additional primary and secondary sources, c) organize learning outcomes and questions to tackle for the week. With the increase of a commuter world and/or in the current covid moment, students are able to effectively listen to the “lecture” component of your course in a manner that fits with their life needs. Freeing time in the classroom allows for student participation and engagement in a seminar fashion that can lead students through the multiple levels of learning.

Badging Learning Outcomes

Reasoning, Creative Ideator, Innovator's Mindset, Collaborator, Innovation Facilitator, Innovative Communicator, Emotional Intelligence + Awareness, Entrepreneurial, Innovative Teaching

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All, but geared more towards educators


Rafael Martinez