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Geographical Storytelling with Multimedia StoryMaps

Ended Apr 8, 2021

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December 8, 2020


2 hours






Innovation Week

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Geographical Storytelling with Multimedia StoryMaps

Elevate your story by putting it into its place. Maps have an unrivaled power to visually communicate geographical information. The addition of geographical context deepens the clarity and resonance of your narrative. This two-hour workshop will introduce users to the ArcGIS StoryMaps platform, where we'll explore how to integrate multiple media types -- including image, video, audio, and custom 2D and 3D maps -- into compelling, engaging, and substantive digital media output.

Badging Learning Outcomes

Reasoning, Creative Ideator, Innovator's Mindset, Collaborator, Innovation Facilitator, Innovative Communicator, Emotional Intelligence + Awareness, Entrepreneurial

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Matthew Toro