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Journeying to the Future You! Using Writing to Map Your Difference - Part 1 and 2

Ended Dec 9, 2020

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December 7, 2020


December 9, 2020






Innovation Week

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Journeying to the Future You! Using Writing to Map Your Difference - Part 1 and 2

In this two-part seminar participants will learn to use writing in innovative ways to map their goals. Participants will practice a myriad of composing strategies that invite them to explore ways they can make a difference in their lives and their communities. Participants will use writing to envision possibilities for their future selves. They will then compose a multimodal map that will guide them as they move into those future selves. Their writing will be guided by a series of growth mindset questions that invite participants to envision innovative possibilities for themselves and their roles in their communities. The seminar will also provide participants with opportunities to interact with other participants’ mappings in order to give and receive feedback As a result of their participation, participants will have a forward-thinking plan and a set of composing tools that they can draw on to help them make sense of their future directions.

This seminar targets those who want to consider new paths for their lives because of recent life changes. It will attract people who have an interest in knowing how to use writing to set and achieve their goals. Those who would find the seminar useful and interesting would be those who have been a desire to make a change to aspects of their professional and/or personal lives.

Badging Learning Outcomes

Reasoning, Innovator's Mindset, Emotional Intelligence + Awareness

Session Details:

Monday, December 7, 2020 - 2:00pm-4:00PM

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - 2:00pm-4:00PM

Participants Welcomed:



Patricia Boyd