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International Business Management - Alumni


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7 Hours 





This program is available to ASU Alumni at a discount.

$149 each or $400 for all 

Become a leader in international business management:

With international markets growing, both small and large businesses are jumping into international trade. Thanks to ecommerce, by 2017, more than half of small businesses in the US traded internationally. Take advantage of market diversification by bringing your company or business idea to the international market.

Successful international business management isn’t as easy as putting a store online. International business requires deft marketing skills and organizational management that can cater to cultural and social trends as well as complex logistics. Learn the skills you need to successfully launch and manage your international business with experienced international trade faculty in our three-course international business management course bundle. 

Essential business management skills:

This bundle includes three international business management courses:
  1. Global Environment: Understand how and why nations trade and discover a global niche that your business or entrepreneurial idea
  2. Globalization and Business: Discover how market trends differ around the world, from cultural preferences, to market and resource access. Learn how international markets demand flexibility not only in an organizational structure, but in the product as well.
  3. Marketing Globally: As you sell your product to a global market, learn how to change your messaging strategy to fit the value proposition for various countries, cultures and communication mediums

International business management for anyone:

This series of international business management courses online will help you whether you’re starting a new business in the international market, or if you’re seeking to improve the performance of your existing global business.

What you'll receive:

A certificate of completion and badge that you can place on your LinkedIn account to signify your advanced international business abilities.

Meet the instructors

Andi Hess, PhD Candidate

Andi Hess is the director of the Interdisciplinary Translation and Integration Sciences Initiative at Arizona State University, which aims to help research teams across the university bridge disciplinary gaps. Her research focuses on the Science of Team Science and Interdisciplinary Translation, a process of actively facilitating the exchange of knowledge across disciplinary languages in team research settings. Prior to returning to academia, she held a variety of leadership roles in retail management and corporate training, including working as a Productivity Consultant with FranklinCovey, coaching people on how to set and reach their goals. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the International Network for the Science of Team Science (INSciTS) and teaches courses in Interdisciplinary Studies and Organizational Leadership at ASU.

Michael Rubinoff, PhD

Dr. Michael Rubinoff is a former deputy assistant secretary for Trade Adjustment Assistance in the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.  He administered a federal grant program that provided assistance to companies harmed by unfair trade practices. This included oversight over ten regional offices along with three major industry outreach officers in Japan.