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Business Management Essentials - Alumni


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12 Hours 





This program is available to ASU Alumni at a discount.

$149 each or $750 for all 

Business management courses for all:

Get the skills you need to succeed at managing your own business or climbing the ranks to leadership within your current corporation. Our certificate in business management will help you to master elements of leadership, organizational structure and culture and give you practical strategies to control your organization.

The series of six courses allow you to learn online in a self-paced manner from skilled faculty at Arizona State University.

Essential business management skills:

This bundle includes six business management courses:

  1. Introduction to Management: Understand what management practices are required to lead teams and remain competitive and adapt to fluctuating markets.
  2. Managing Processes: Delve into the key skills and strategies of a successful operations manager, including; planning, scheduling, technology, logistics supply chain management and quality assurance.
  3. Business Strategy in Changing Environments: Identify how the environment, market, demographics and market demand affect your organization, and learn to work with all elements to remain competitive and successful.
  4. Organizational Culture and Diversity: Diversity and a central culture is important in the management of business and industry to ensure productive and unified organization.
  5. Business Control Process: Organizational management requires control to ensure that all parts of the organization are working to achieve the overall strategic objectives.
  6. How Organizations are Structured: Understand the fundamentals of different organizational structures and how each can benefit different industries at each phase of its lifecycle.

Business management for anyone:

This series of business management courses online will help you whether you’re sharpening your leadership and management skills, or seeking to start your career in management.

What you'll receive:

A certificate of completion and badge that you can place on your LinkedIn account to signify your advanced business management abilities.

Meet the instructors

Andi Hess, PhD

Andi Hess is the director of the Interdisciplinary Translation and Integration Sciences Initiative at Arizona State University, which aims to help research teams across the university bridge disciplinary gaps. Her research focuses on the Science of Team Science and Interdisciplinary Translation, a process of actively facilitating the exchange of knowledge across disciplinary languages in team research settings. Prior to returning to academia, she held a variety of leadership roles in retail management and corporate training, including working as a Productivity Consultant with FranklinCovey, coaching people on how to set and reach their goals. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the International Network for the Science of Team Science (INSciTS) and teaches courses in Interdisciplinary Studies and Organizational Leadership at ASU.

Michael Rubinoff , PhD

Dr. Michael Rubinoff is a former deputy assistant secretary for Trade Adjustment Assistance in the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.  He administered a federal grant program that provided assistance to companies harmed by unfair trade practices. This included oversight over ten regional offices along with three major industry outreach officers in Japan. 

Elizabeth Castillo, PhD

Elizabeth A. Castillo is an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. She earned a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego after a 20-year career managing social enterprise organizations. She is an avid hiker and nature photographer. Connect with her on Twitter at @eac_asu

Jennifer Chandler, PhD

Jennifer L. S. Chandler, Ph.D. teaches organizational leadership courses and researches organizational leadership practices among scientist and engineering teams who are tackling global sustainability challenges. She has also led projects, taught project management, trained project managers, and evaluated Project Management Programs for over 20 years working with international corporations, U. S. federal agencies, and U. S. national professional associations.

Brent Scholar, PhD

Dr. Brent Scholar is an Instructor in the Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU. He is an experienced higher education professional. He is also the principal of Scholar Consulting since 2009, providing international leadership consulting and training for both nonprofit and for profit organizations.