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Visual Media - Alumni


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What is visual communication?

Visual Communication is the use of design and graphics to convey information to your target audience. Whether you're part of a large or small organization, visual media is an important component to any organization's brand.

Business communicators don't always have access to a graphic artist. By understanding the basic concepts of impactful visual media, you'll improve your chances of being understood by your audience. You'll also learn how to present information with a unique combination of logic and creativity.

What is this visual media course?

In this course, you'll learn the technical and stylistic components of effective visual media presentation. These skills will allow you to immediately impact your organization's business communications and identify.

Throughout the course, you'll learn what visual media resources are available to you and how to choose those that will strengthen your messages. You'll also learn about basic visual design principles and the messages these principles send to your audience.

What you'll learn about visual media

This course can help you learn how to effectively communicate through visual design, without the help of a graphic artist. Throughout the visual media course, you'll learn:

  • Basic Visual design principles.
  • How to make information more accessible to your audience.
  • How to use charts, diagrams and other graphics in business messages and identify potential sources for theses visual aids.
  • Ho to use images in business messages and identify potential sources for these images.
  • Professional standards for using visual media resources for business purposes.
  • The importance of video in business messages.

Who this visual communication class is for

This course is for professionals looking to improve their visual presentation skills.

As you progress through the course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a variety of visual design principles including font, balance, hierarchy, repetition, pattern, balance and space, alignment and contrast.

What will you get from this visual media class?

You'll earn a certificate of completion stating the title of the course, date and the institution.


Meet the instructor

Robert Kirsch, PhD

Robert Kirsch, PhD, is an assistant professor in the faculty of leadership and interdisciplinary studies. Robert has extensive training, and has published widely, in social science theory. He focuses his research around questions of leadership, citizenship and sovereignty in advanced industrial democracies. He also studies diversity, equity and inclusion at the college faculty level. When not teaching or researching, Robert can usually be found at higher elevations, hiking the various mountains in southern Arizona.