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Public speaking online course

Public speaking is vital to effective oral communication in all industries. Being able to speak in public will increase your potential to connect with others in your industry and evoke opinions through your oral storytelling. With a course in public speaking from Arizona State University, you’ll learn how you can perform better “in the moment.”

In this public speaking class, you’ll begin by exploring the main characteristics of a speech and the different types of delivery techniques available. You’ll learn the importance of knowing your audience when delivering a speech to make a lasting impact. You’ll also discover how having confidence, passion and authenticity in your public speaking will help you create connections. This class provides public speaking tips and tricks you can take with you for your next speech.

Learn public speaking skills

Spoken words have the power to influence, persuade and even entertain. With this public speaking course, you’ll learn how to give an effective speech to live listeners. Learn strategies to engage your audience and lead through your words. Throughout this public speaking class, you’ll learn the following:

  • Delivery techniques for public speeches.
  • Importance of your audience and their role during a speech.
  • Key principles of effective public speaking.
  • Tips and tricks to giving an effective speech.

This online course contains a short pretest to assess your public speaking knowledge. This ungraded status report provides an opportunity for you to begin thinking critically about public speaking and to help you plan where to focus your time and effort as you move through the content. This course culminates with a quiz to help you evaluate your skill set and synthesize all of the components.

Public speaking tips for all professionals

This public speaking class is designed for professionals who desire to learn how to give effective public speeches or enhance their current strategies. This course will guide you in learning to deliver purposeful speeches in your industry.

Earn a public speaking certificate

You’ll earn a certificate of completion stating the title of the course, date and the institution.


Meet the instructor

Brent Scholar, PhD

Dr. Brent Scholar is an instructor in the faculty of leadership and interdisciplinary studies at ASU. He’s an experienced higher education professional. Dr. Scholar is also the principal of Scholar Consulting since 2009, providing international leadership consulting and training for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.